Comparison Chart: Zimaxa Real Results

Results from clinical trials taken over a period of 6 weeks

AMA Laboratories Inc investigated the efficacy of Zimaxa on participants who had mild to severe acne over a 42 day period. All participants saw results in 3 days and their acne was reduced by 70% by day 7. The reduction in total Acne lesion counts is considered statistically significant at Day 2
Jill Powell
Make Up Artist

Celebrity Make Up Artist Explains Why Zimaxa Works!

Born and raised in California, Jill Powell is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked for MAC Cosmetics and as a lead makeup artist for the Sephora Pro Team of international makeup artists. She’s kept her finger on the pulse by taking numerous Master Classes in makeup & styling and has trained with top brands (Givenchy) and makeup artists (Alex Box, Sarah Lucero and Billy B). When she’s not on tour with Demi Lovato, she’ll be somewhere in the world working on magazine shoots, press junkets, tours and red carpet events. Photographers she has worked with include Bleacher + Everard, John Russo, Matthew Tammaro, Miranda Penn Turin and Nino Munoz. Directors include Chris Applebaum and Max Gutierrez. Some of her clients include Willow Shields, Jamie Chareon and Josie Maran.

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"Day three was when I noticed my skin was smoother…"

“Day three was when I noticed my skin was smoother than it was and I had this one annoying spot that just wouldn’t go away and now it’s gone…” Read More...

"I had a pimple right here two days ago…"

“I had a pimple right here two days ago and I washed it that night and I woke up and it was gone. There was no redness, no scar or anything. So if it works for me I can definitely say it’s definitely going to work for you guys..” Read More...

"I thought Zimaxa was the best product…"

“I thought Zimaxa was the skin care product especially for combination skin….so I found by using it every morning and evening I was able to smooth out all of my skin issues.” Read More...

"…it was able to keep my skin clear and more vibrant…"

“You know I just tried it and I’m actually extremely surprised by the fact that it was able to keep my skin clear and more vibrant despite the fact that lately I’ve been really stressed….and that is is usually instant break out for me. Literally, the next day I’ll have pimples. It’s ridiculous.” Read More...

  • Myth: Acne is caused by poor hygiene, sweating or not washing. Acne is't caused by dirt so you can't just wash it away. A cleanser with specific acne fighting ingredients will help clear the skin, but it won't clear it any faster if you scrub harder. Scrubbing acne too hard can actually inflame blackheads, so be kind to your skin.
  • Fact: Acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States, affecting 40 million to 50 million Americans.
  • Myth: Acne will go away on its own, so it doesn't need to be treated: Sorry, but acne is a condition and it can't be ignored. Doing nothing can even cause the condition to get worse. Mild topical treatmenst -- such as over-the-counter acne treatment packs -- are best, and they especially effective if used consistently and at the acne onset.
  • Fact: Acne is caused by three major factors:
    1) Overproduction of oil by enlarged oil glands in the skin
    2) Blockage of the hair foilicles that release oil.
    3) Growth of bacteria, called P.acnes, within the hair foilicles.
  • Myth: Acne is unrelated to what we eat: It's not clear whether acne is caused by diet or genetics, but recent research links the skin condition to dairy. There are many dairy alternatives such as coconut, soy and almond milk as well as various cheeses on the market.
  • Fact: Nearly 85 percent of all people have acne at some point in their lives, most often on the face, chest and back.
  • Myth: Acne is something that only happens to teenagers: Grown-up women are not only fending off wrinkles: Studies show they're battling zits too. While teens definitely do suffer from acne, some people develop acne for the first time in their 20s and 30s or even 40s due to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Is the Zimaxa system for teens or adults?

    Both! Zimaxa treats the root causes of acne that affect teens and adults. Teens will notice relief from acne and prevent future acne that can leave scars in adulthood. Adults will also notice relief from acne, as well as the anti-aging and smoothing benefits that the system provides.
  • Can I purchase the Zimaxa system anywhere else?

    No.This system is only available through our site or by calling our toll-free number. By cutting out the middle-man, and not offering these products in retail stores, we are able to cut the cost to you.
  • Do you have to use all three Zimaxa products?

    The system is designed to work together to get you your best results. However, you may find that you will use the Deep Pore Exfoliator and/or Spot Treat less often as your breakouts subside. Cleansing should be done twice daily to keep your skin clear and smooth.
  • What type of acne does Zimaxa work best on?

    Participants who were part of the Zimaxa clinical trials had mild to moderate acne. So whether you are constantly battling one annoying pimple or have a face full of inflammation, Zimaxa is a gentle and simple system to treat it fast.

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