Acne Skin Care For Adults

Being a teenager and having to deal with acne is one thing, but you would think you could put it behind you as you age. Some of us can, but for many of us it does not go away, at least not entirely. In fact, it’s very common for adults to still be fighting that nagging battle for life. However, today we have learned numerous ways to help defeat it, or at least keep it manageable enough that it’s not the glaring problem it may have been when younger.

Regardless of age, the causes are much the same; environmental toxins, dust, too much greasy food, stress, hands on your face too often, and failing to cleanse your facial skin properly and regularly. The two primary culprits are improper skin care and stress.

In this age there seems to be more potential for facing stress than ever before; your children may be subject to bullying, kids are shooting kids, unemployment, marital problems, soaring bills creating financial stress, political correctness issues in the workplace, and racial unrest. You may not have faced any of these when you were growing up, but today it’s different.

With today’s advanced technology, there are numerous ways to help ward off stress—games and Facebook on every smart phone, entertaining movies and incredible video games, theme parks, the Internet, and easy access to your favorite sport, just to name a few. If you’re dealing with stress, do something about it. It can be very damaging to more than just your skin.

Once you’re satisfied that stress is not the issue, or you’re doing something about, it’s time to consider what else you may need to do in order to get acne under control. Treating acne as an adult is much the same as when you were younger.

It always starts with proper facial cleansing, which means the following;

  • • keep it clean by washing twice daily (no more) with a mild soap that contains no alcohol or fragrance.
  • • rinse with warm water (not hot), patting your face dry (not rubbing dry). Avoid hot water and rubbing, as both are an irritant to your skin.

Being out in the sun 15 to 30 minutes once a day is fine, but keep it at that. Any more causes your skin to dry out which forces your glands to create oil to offset it, and too much sun has an aging effect on your skin, causing more and/or deeper wrinkles. After your morning cleansing, you should always apply a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Even though it may be one of those rare days when you don’t go out, it’s a good habit to form.

You need to also keep in mind that healthy skin is directly related to what’s going on inside your body. This means you need to be eating a healthy diet, mixing in plenty of raw vegetables and fruit, unprocessed meats (more fish and chicken than beef and pork), and drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Keep in mind that soft drinks, coffee, tea, and beverages containing alcohol don’t count. They are diuretics which tend to dry you out, not hydrate you.

Regarding acne products, do a Google search for the best acne products, and try a few all-natural organic type products first. If you can find one that helps you, it’s much better for your skin than those that contain other kinds of ingredients.

Having to deal with acne throughout childhood and into your young adult years is bad enough, but continuing for life is a real nuisance. Just keep in mind a couple of things;

  • • it bothers you much more than it does others.
  • • while it may never completely go away, there is a right regimen for you that will most certainly keep it at bay enough that even you can accept it.


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