Acne shows up on your skin as a red or white bump with a center. It’s the result of clogged pores that eventually get inflamed and infected by bacteria. Although it’s usually because there is too much oil on the skin, it doesn’t mean that people don’t wash regularly, or have a skin care regimen of some kind.

Even though regular cleansing won’t remove existing acne, it’s still an important part of the process to get rid of acne causing bacteria, which also helps prevent further breakouts. And though keeping your skin clean will reduce the infection process, some people tend to overdo it. You should not wash your skin more than three times a day unless you have exceptionally oily skin.

Too much washing removes vital oils from your skin and can leave it looking irritated or somewhat chapped. Some people unknowingly cause scarring on their face by washing it too often and adding acne medications, which further dry your skin out. The whole purpose of acne medication is to dry out the blemished area, but when you add it to skin that’s dry, it can be painful.

The best way to keep your skin clean of any acne causing bacteria, regardless of the skin type you have, is to wash with non-fragrance soap and water. Most people get better results applying the soap and rinsing off their face with their hands, rather than a washcloth. The scrubbing action of a washcloth irritates the skin and acne spots. Should you have oily skin, and feel the need to wash your skin three or more times a day, be sure to apply an astringent afterwards. This will help stop acne breakouts by keeping the level of oils down. And since acne is caused by clogged pores, make sure that any facial product used will not end up doing just that.

If you’re prone to have oily skin you may want to try a skincare product that contains alcohol, as it will help get rid of any acne causing bacteria on your skin. Often times witch hazel, certain fragrances, and glycolic acid are common ingredients contained in beauty products. Be careful when buying skincare products and makeup to make sure they aren’t oil based. Again, if you have oily skin don’t use moisturizers other than those that are oil free, or your skin will not only feel greasy, it will look that way as well. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll have no problem finding oil-free products that can work for you.

If you are someone who tends to have skin that is normal, even dry in some areas, but oily in others, you should still consider adding astringents to your daily routine. Apply it to the oily parts of your face, then use a little moisturizer with it. Keep in mind that cleaning your skin won’t get of rid of acne, but proper cleansing will help get rid of acne causing bacteria and prevent further breakouts.


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