If you’re suffering with skin blemishes, and yes they can produce a kind of suffering; such as embarrassment, shy beyond normal, and low self-esteem—you need to do something about it. Anti-blemish pads may be just what you’ve been looking for, especially if you’re dealing with acne type problems such as whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

What are considered to be skin blemishes are all areas of discoloration that can be easily seen on your skin. People who have to deal with this will try almost anything that makes sense to get rid of them. Fortunately in this day and time, there are lots of options available, and anti-blemish pads are one of them that has been proven to work quite well.

These pads are marketed by several different companies in stores and on the Internet. Most of them seem to work, but some better than others, and even that can vary, depending on who is using them. The best ones contain no alcohol or fragrance, and can be used by some people as a facial cleanser. Just be careful to make sure that they don’t dry your skin out too bad, and be prepared to apply a moisturizer if they do.

Anti-blemish pads not only treat and prevent blemishes, they also work as an exfoliator, which eliminates dead skin cells as it unclogs the pores, leaving your skin with a soft and silky feeling. The deep cleansing they provide can also be very refreshing.

Sometimes it’s a simple matter of applying the pads to the acne or pimple and within a few hours the blemish dries up and within a day disappears. The fast results are one of the reasons they are so popular, that and the fact you can carry them with you for a quick face cleansing of the blemished areas.

The only disadvantage of these pads is that they tend to dry the skin excessively. So always be prepared to apply a moisturizer when necessary. Some anti-blemish pads contain an acne-fighting formula which helps in preventing new acne breakout by the way it penetrates the pores.

Since the pads are to be applied directly to the blemished area, as opposed to serving as a sort of facial cleanser (until you know that it’s safe for your skin), you will need to wash your face thoroughly before using the pads. You can use the pads up to three times a day, unless you have an adverse reaction to them, which is usually in the form of excessive dryness or skin irritation. In fact, you may want to start using them once a day and work your way up to three times as you find that your skin tolerates the pads without harmful side effects.

Be careful about using them around your eyes, lips and mouth, as it can cause a burning sensation, or become very uncomfortable. It’s best not to use these anti-blemish pads in conjunction with other anti-blemish products as you can really cause skin dryness issues. Also, you should keep these pads stored out of reach of children. While they would not cause any life-threatening type problems, their eyes and lips are more sensitive than adults which means that their use of them would be a problem for most children.


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