“Day three was when I noticed my skin was smoother than it was and I had this one annoying spot that just wouldn’t go away and now it’s gone…”
“I had a pimple right here two days ago and I washed it that night and I woke up and it was gone. There was no redness, no scar or anything. So if it works for me I can definitely say it’s definitely going to work for you guys..”
“I thought Zimaxa was the skin care product especially for combination skin….so I found by using it every morning and evening I was able to smooth out all of my skin issues.”
“You know I just tried it and I’m actually extremely surprised by the fact that it was able to keep my skin clear and more vibrant despite the fact that lately I’ve been really stressed….and that is is usually instant break out for me. Literally, the next day I’ll have pimples. It’s ridiculous.”

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